All the Services of a
Large Advertising & Design Agency
With the Personal Attention
of a Small One

Madplanet is known for doing fast, high-quality work for organizations of all sizes.
Whether you need a graphic designer, an ad agency to take care of everything, or a “side agency” to turn things around quickly when your “big agency” just can’t, we’re here for you.  


Creative Direction – Creative Direction is all about the big picture. It’s about taking a deep dive into your market, and then developing and implementing the creative vision and ideas that will help you reach your goals. Madplanet offers Creative Direction as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with any of our other offerings.

Graphic Design – Behind our art direction and graphic design work is a deep understanding of how people view information, and the impact of colors, layout and images on emotions and response. Our specialties include direct mail that gets the phones ringing, collateral pieces that close sales, packaging that gets products noticed, and email campaigns that make “clicking here” irresistible.

Website Design and Development – Your website is often a customer’s first introduction to your brand and products, so it needs to do more than just look great. Madplanet builds fast, interactive, intuitive and search engine-friendly websites that drive conversions and sales, are true to your brand identity and are an absolute pleasure to visit.

Brand Development – Your brand is more than just your company name or logo. It is the sum total of all the images and perceptions that people associate with your organization. Madplanet takes a strategic approach to brand development, and then provides the on-going attention to detail that ensures your brand’s look, tone and messaging remain consistent across all your marketing and advertising efforts.

Copywriting – Words are amazing things, and the right words combined with the right design can make amazing things happen. Words can motivate and inspire, excite and entice. They can frighten the daylights out of you or make tears of joy run down your face. In fact, well-written text can win people over and get the results that you want. Madplanet offers copywriting services for print, digital, social and web.

Illustration – Want to stand out from the crowd and create a truly one-of-a-kind look for your brand? Custom illustrations can get you there. Madplanet’s artists use both traditional and digital tools (i.e. pens, pencils, graphics programs, and those cool little gizmos that let you draw directly onto a screen with a pencil-like tool) to create memorable, compelling illustrations that grab attention and drive sales.

Market Research – Who exactly are your potential customers? What are they looking for in a product or service like yours? How are your competitors positioning themselves, and are they delivering on their promises? You may think you know the answers, but you could be miles off base. To avoid basing decisions on hunches and guesses, our market research services include customer profiling/demographics, product use information, competitive analysis and more.

Print ManagementMadplanet doesn’t just hand you a drive with the digital file for your print job and say, “here you go – we’re done!” We work closely with the printer to ensure that the final product comes out looking exactly the way we all envisioned. Our print management services include answering any questions about the files, checking and double-checking the proofs, going on-site for press checks, and keeping the project running smoothly.

Social Media ConsultingA big part of branding is consistency. When customers and prospects visit your blog, Facebook or Google Plus page, Linked In profile, etc., it’s important that they recognize you! We’ll help you create a consistent look across all of your social media channels, and ensure that what you’re doing in the social media world ties in with the rest of your marketing program.

Email marketing – Nobody likes spam. Everyone appreciates useful and timely information from companies they trust about things that truly matter to them. Needless to say, there’s an art to creating emails that are welcomed rather than spurned. Madplanet’s email marketing services (including graphic design, content development and list management) are about creating emails that bypass the “delete” button to be opened, read and acted upon. Options include email newsletters, drip campaigns, auto-responders, e-blasts, surveys and more.

Photography – Product photos that show off your product’s “good side.” Head shots that make everyone look their best. “How to” photos that prove that using your product is as easy as “1, 2, 3.”  That perfect photo that grabs the viewer’s attention and instantly communicates the emotion and tone of your message. When stock photography just won’t do, our custom photography service will give you exactly what you need.

Media buying – When it comes to securing costs and placements for print or online ads, commercials, radio spots, coupon packs and other media, knowledge and negotiation skills make a huge difference. Madplanet’s media buying experts can help you allocate your media dollars in the most profitable way, negotiate favorable terms on your behalf, and then monitor each placement to ensure that what you paid for is what you actually got.


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